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Selling Process

Business brokers are a pretty shady group--just look at the stack of unsolicited faxes you've gotten from people claiming to have a buyer for your business. Plymouth Financial is focused on working with business owners who want to sell and are prepared to take the necessary steps to complete a transaction. The reasons Plymouth Financial Group is different from the other brokers are:

1. We only take listings we can sell. Most brokers will take every listing they can, with a deal success rate of less than 33%. At Plymouth Financial Group, we only take listing we are confident we can sell. Before any listing is taken, at no cost to the seller, a professional from Plymouth sits down with the seller and explains the sales process, develops a value for the business, reviews all options to sell the business, and determines if Plymouth Financial Group and the seller are right for each other.

2. No Upfront fee! Most of the fax services and listing groups are looking for upfront fees of $4,000 to $25,000--not Plymouth. All fees to Plymouth are 100% success based. If we do not sell your business, you owe us Nothing.

3. Marketing Campaign--Plymouth Financial Group uses a professional four step marketing campaign to find qualified buyers for each client. The process is comprehensive and the best way to find the largest number of potential buyers, while still keeping the offering confidential.

If you are serious about selling your business, and want a professional group to represent you that uses a successful marketing program with no upfront fees and the ability to get deals done, then please give us a call.

Plymouth Group - Process
  1. Initial Meeting - To accurately market a business for sale, many details and facts must be readily available. An initial meeting with You, the Seller, allows for an exchange of information to determine your objective in the sale. This discussion will include the financial objective, time constraints and requirements, and a detailed outline of the marketing process.
  2. Business Evaluation - Most business owners are good business operators but may not be unknowledgeable as to the true market value of their entity. Based on current financial information, we will prepare a business valuation using different valuation methods and techniques to arrive at a marketing price, including reference to multiple databases of completed transactions. A discussion as to the proposed structure of the transaction will also help You understand the possible net proceeds to be realized from the sale.
  3. Listing Agreement - To allow us to have legal authority to market the stock or the assets of the business entity, written authority must be received from You, the Business Owner, in the form of a signed listing or engagement agreement. This agreement will clearly define the success fees to be paid only upon the conclusion of the transaction.
  4. Marketing Materials - We will then prepare an array of written marketing and financial materials to be used with potential buyers. The information is reviewed by You prior to release to qualified buyer prospects. The material covers all subjects of the business operations including employees, marketing/advertising and financial review and analysis.
  5. Confidential Marketing Plan - Whether drawing upon potential buyers from the pool of preregistered buyers or marketing a business to other industry sources, confidentiality is of primary concern. Plymouth's strong ties to other brokerage and merger/acquisition professionals will allow your business to receive nationwide attention but yet in only in a non-specific manner so that the normal course of business operations is not disrupted. The quiet marketing efforts of the Plymouth professionals allows You to continue normal business operations without being distracted by the marketing program.
  6. Negotiation and Closing - The experience of many successfully completed transactions translates into additional dollars of net profit for the clients of Plymouth. Your team of proven professionals, which include your CPA, attorney and financial advisors, are encouraged to be a part of the process. Alternative methods and terms of structuring the transaction can benefit You by minimizing your tax burden. Experience indicates that the terms and structure are equally as important as the selling price. The conductor of the orchestra can best illustrate the position of the Plymouth professionals as they call upon the appropriate party at the correct time as each party of the transaction contributes to the harmony of a closed deal.

If you are serious about selling your business now or in the next few years, and want a professional group to represent you that uses a successful marketing program, with no upfront fees, and the ability to get deals done, then please contact us to set up a no obligation first meeting.

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