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Was it always a dream of yours to own your own Bucks County business? Now that you've achieved your dream are you ready to move on to the next adventure but aren't sure what to do with your business? Perhaps, through no fault of your own, business has been steadily decreasing and you recognize that now is the time to sell but you aren't sure how to do so. Maybe you're just ready to sell your business and retire but aren't sure how to do so. Don't feel like you're tied down, every business owner has options, and at Plymouth Financial Group we help you explore your options and as well as facilitate the sale of your business.

There are many reasons why individuals consider selling a business, whether they're ready for a change, want to retire, or need to cut their losses. Check out the Bucks County businesses for sale on our business listings page and you'll see the wide variety of businesses for sale:

Business brokers are a dime-a-dozen these days and it's hard to know who to trust. At Plymouth Financial Group we are dedicated to helping committed Bucks County business owners who want to sell their business and are ready to take the necessary steps in doing so. What differentiates us from other business brokers are:

We only take listings we can sell. We don't stretch ourselves too thin by accepting every listing we can. Our brokers will thoroughly explain the process to you and review your business before accepting the listing. No upfront fees! Unlike other groups who ask from anywhere between $4,000 and $25,000 per listing. At Plymouth, you don't pay unless we successfully sell your business. Our comprehensive, four-step marketing campaign is proven to find the largest number of qualified buyers while keeping the offering confidential. Whether you're ready to sell your Bucks County business immediately, or you're planning on doing so in the next few years, you need a professional group to represent you, one that keeps your best interests at the front of their mind. When you sell your business with the help of the Plymouth Group, we use our patented process to ensure a seamless, headache-free sale. The steps of our process are: Initial meeting. This includes financial objective, time constraints, requirements, and a detailed outline of our marketing process. Business evaluation. We prepare a business valuation and discuss the proposed structure of the transaction. This is where we will help you understand the possible proceeds garnered from selling your business. Listing agreement. This allows us the legal authority to market your business entity by the signing of an engagement agreement or listing. This will also define the success fees to be paid upon conclusion of the sale. Marketing materials. At this step we will then prepare the written marketing and financial materials to be used with buyers. It will explain the business operations, financial review and analysis, and other information about your business. Confidential marketing plan. We form a comprehensive, non-intrusive marketing plan so that your Bucks County business can continue to operate without distractions while simultaneously receiving nationwide attention from prospective buyers. Negotiation and closing. Plymouth's professionals are highly trained and experienced in completing successful transactions. Your CPA, attorney, and financial advisors are encouraged to be a part of this step. We will call upon the appropriate members of your team as needed to make sure the transaction is completed properly.

So if you're serious about selling your business in Bucks County and you're ready to retire, give the Plymouth Financial Group a call today. We'll answer your questions and give you the information you need to make a decision. We can't wait to help you sell your Bucks County business!

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